Pecan Cheese Bites

Simple recipes utilizing simple ingredients are usually my favorite– nothing fancy or overly complicated, just letting the ingredients speak for themselves. That’s when you can really taste all the individual flavors. This “recipe” (if you can call it that) is a super quick, no-frills snack that is high in protein and is decadent enough that you won’t feel the need to consume a whole bowl full. It’s flexible too – are you in the mood for a little something savory or would you prefer a touch of sweetness?

Combining toasted pecans and a spreadable cheese of choice, you had a fuss-free snack you can take anywhere. You’ve seen cheese balls covered in pecans, right? This is an easy and portable version that doesn’t require any crackers or grains. Be careful though, they can be addicting…

Pecan Cheese Bites 


Pecan halves, lightly toasted (or raw if you prefer)
Spreadable cheese (I’ve tried goat cheese, Laughing Cow wedges, and cream cheese but blue cheese would be really good!)

Optional add-ins*
Sweet Ideas:
a dash of honey
finely chopped dried fruit (pineapple, dates, cherries)
dash of pumpkin spice
mini chocolate chips or carob chips, chopped
create your own variation!

Savory Ideas:
finely chopped green onions
a dash of paprika
a dash of hot sauce
finely chopped jalapeno
create your own variation!


1.  Take a small amount of cheese and spread over one pecan half. Top with another pecan half and enjoy!

*My favorites are plain without any additions OR a touch of honey and cinnamon for a slightly sweet bite.
**If using add-ins, mix the cheese of choice and your savory or sweet addition in a small bowl before spreading between pecan halves.


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