Tropical Smoothie

Happy Pre-Friday everyone!

Ok, so I was going to try and be clever by titling this post “Tropical Man-apple Smoothie” or “Tropical Pine-go Smoothie” since I used both mango and pineapple, but I thought twice and decided a more generic approach might work best 🙂 After all, I kept laughing at the first option…

Any way, I noticed it has been a while since I posted a smoothie recipe – sorry if I am little overdue! We make smoothies all the time at our house, but I either forget to write down the recipes and/or take pictures….maybe it has something to do with me taking too long to snap photos so Chris snatches his up before I have a chance to photograph them both. Here’s one of those instances…I was only able to take a picture of mine but I tried!

This tropical smoothie is the perfect chilled treat – the blend of sweet mango, creamy banana, slightly tart pineapple and cool coconut milk will transport you to the beach! Maybe that’s a stretch but at least you’ll be wanting to sip this poolside or on the beach 🙂 I like to add a scoop of protein powder and drink it as a recovery shake after a workout or a run, yummy!

Tropical Smoothie


1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (from carton, not can), I like my smoothie thick but depends on what consistency you prefer
1 frozen banana, chopped (fresh works too but frozen gives the smoothie a creamier texture)
1 mango, peeled, seeded and chopped (frozen works too, about 1 cup or so)
1 small can of sliced or chopped pineapple, reserve a couple tablespoons of juice (fresh or frozen could be used, about 1/2 cup, but you may need to adjust the amount of milk or use a few tablespoons of orange juice to your liking)
5-6 ice cubes, if you aren’t using frozen fruit

1 scoop of protein powder, optional (I prefer unsweetened so it’s not overly sweet)


1. In a blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth. (I used my Vitamix when I use frozen fruit) Enjoy!

Serves 2 (or more if you prefer smaller portions)


4 thoughts on “Tropical Smoothie

  1. Funny, it never occurred to me to take pictures of my smoothies… must be ’cause I tend to have them too early in the morning, or maybe it’s because I usually choose to have a one when I am real busy, or going somewhere and taking it with me.

    That one looks like a winner to me! I’ll have to start looking for “cartoned” coconut milk.

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