Giving Thanks


To those who celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, I wish you a fantastic holiday full of family and/or close friends, laughter and love, relaxation (football for many)….and a huge plate of yummy food ūüôā

Just a quick post today and no recipe but I wanted to take a moment to be thankful for a few of the many blessings in my life:

My brother is missing in this pic!

  • My supportive husband, my loving parents¬†and my family – without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today
  • My health – from having the energy to get out of bed everyday to the ability to run/walk¬†and taste/see –¬†this is something I often¬†take for granted
  • Change and new seasons of life¬†– with changes come growth and I am ready to be challenged (although it is scary!)
  • Laughter, smiles, nature and the outdoors – all things that breathe new life¬†and renew my energy
  • Music, books and art – outlets that enable my creativity, various emotions and provide a little escape from the day to day
  • Tears, mistakes, disappointments and challenges – without the downs, I wouldn’t appreciate the ups and these things only make me stronger
  • All of YOU¬†– my¬†fabulous¬†readers¬†and visitors – you all have rekindled my passion for cooking and photography and given me an outlet¬†and a¬†voice my food craziness (or creativity), I am forever grateful!!!!

A few more silly/material things things I am thankful for include:

  • nut/seed butters, chocolate, squash and chia seeds
  • my camera
  • my running shoes,¬†pajama pants and headbands
  • sticky notes, my blender and chapstick
  • the color blue (especially sky blue, it simply makes me happy)

A couple things that may seem strange but totally make sense when you think about it:

  • Dirty dishes in the sink –¬†because this¬†means I have¬†food to eat
  • Dog/cat furr – as much as this drives me crazy, it’s a daily reminder that I have pets that demonstrate unconditional love and they like to snuggle
  • Papers piling up – no fun but it’s a reminder that I have a job
  • My elbow scar from my¬†car accident (I will have to share this story¬†one day)¬†–¬†a constant¬†reminder of how precious life is and that I having a loving Father who watches over me. Also, that appearances aren’t what matters, it’s what’s in your heart that counts

What are you thankful for?

Ok, I didn’t mean to get totally sappy on you but did want to take some time to appreciate the little things that are so often overlooked or forgotten…wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

Now off to a gluten free high tea ūüôā


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