Holiday Vacation Recap

Chris and I had a great time with his family last week in Seattle and Victoria BC; it was fast-paced and event-filled…just the way we like it! Our family likes to stay on-the-go, and with seven of us there is never a dull moment. I am not much on sitting around, especially with a new city to explore, sites to see and lots of good food to eat (yep, always a priority!).

I will try and keep it short sorta short and sweet 🙂 Due to the rain and weather, I opted for my trusty waterproof point and shoot camera…

Tuesday (this was a laid-back day, waiting for family to arrive and no schedule): flight to Seattle and checked into hotel; planned to go on a city tour but the rain was coming down too hard and shopping for waterproof shoes was top priority. The night ended with dinner at Ivars on the water.

Wednesday Breakfast at Pike Place Market, shopping and found homemade tri-color gluten free pasta, sugar-free beef jerky and a few knick-nacks. Next was a trip up to the Space Needle:

We were cold and stopped for hot chocolate and opted for an indoor activity — the Seattle Aquarium.

Afterward was a light lunch then off to the very entertaining Seattle Underground Tour (I highly recommend this!). We topped off the night with a fancy 3-course meal at Tulio (fabulous and creamy chanterelle mushroom risotto for my first course was my favorite!)

Thursday (Thanksgiving) We caught very early ferry over to Victoria (3 hours) and head over to gluten free high tea at the Empress Hotel

To start were two chocolate dipped strawberries. What followed was this tower of gluten free goodness and my choice of Jasmine Butterfly tea – ALL for me and you better believe it was finished! The gluten free selections varied a bit from the usual menu: variety of finger sandwiches, spreads and pates (bottom tier), a blueberry scone and whipped cream and jam (middle tier) and mini raspberry cheesecake, pot de creme, shortbread, brulee of lemon cream/curd and the classic Battenburg cake (top tier).

Off to the Royal BC Museum and a free tour of the Parliament building, then wrapped up the day at a local bar for dinner and watching the Texas A&M/UT football game (this is a Thanksgiving tradition in our house)

Friday City bus tour of Victoria and lunch at a local deli. A much anticipated Wildlife tour (aka whale watching in off season) – we saw TWO whales, a few groups of seal lions and several bald eagles.

I am sporting the bulky, orange, reflective jumpsuit. Without this suit, I would have froze to death, this piece of “clothing” was much needed.

Next was dinner at the delicious Baan Thai restaurant and finished with dessert at the local “Soda Shoppe”

Saturday (our last day) breakfast, rented a mini van and drove to Sidney, coffee/hot chocolate break, then a scenic trip back with and lovely views and photo opps.

Tour at the Craigdarroch Castle in the middle of Victoria, very neat!

Lunch at the tasty Sauce restaurant (sweet potato fries will rock your socks off), stopped by the Maritime Museum and headed back to the ferry for another 3 hour ride to Seattle. We left Sunday for Denver…

Whew – are you tired after reading this? 🙂 I did mention we keep busy!

After a fun-filled trip, I am back in packing mode getting ready for our big drive on Saturday, with movers coming Friday to load up the moving truck.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few recipes to come:

“Empty the Fridge” Stir-Fry

Blueberry Mila Pudding

Ranch-Flavored Gourd Seeds

Vegan Maple Almond Spice Biscotti


13 thoughts on “Holiday Vacation Recap

  1. Sounds like such a good vacation! I’m Canadian but never been to BC… the shame.

    Can’t wait for the stir-fry and biscotti recipes this week.

  2. Uh, loving the picture collage. How did you do that? I wanna copy that! Oh and you need to stop me from devouring *all* of my biscotti. I have 5 pieces left because I cannot stop eating them and I don’t wanna stop 🙂 Recipe STAT!

    • Glad you like the photo montage! I made it in Photoshop and exported it to a jpeg…thought people would like it rather than a ton of random photos one after another.
      HAHA I love that you love the biscotti – you’ll have to bake some for Greg when he comes back, in a couple weeks!!! 🙂 That biscotti is like cookie-crack, I must make another batch all for myself…coming soon I promise!!!

    • We did a bunch of the touristy stuff – it’s like me in Denver, I haven’t visited many of the places that people talk about since I’ve lived here 🙂
      Though, I highly suggest the Underground Tour – very cool and gives you a different view and history that is left out of books! Pretty funny too

  3. I too, really love the picture collages, and was gonna ask how you did that. Oh, how I wish I knew how to use photoshop. Guess I’ll have to take the time to learn, someday. Might come in handy… 😉

    And did you say cookie-crack? I thought those biscotti looked really awesome, but I’m not too sure I want the recipe now. I can already imagine dipping them in the warm and gooey almond / hazelnut butter I’m planning on making this week-end…

    Hmmmm… when’s that recipe coming? 😉

    • I am not a pro in Photoshop at all but I wish we lived closer so I could go over the basics with you! Photoshop elements is a great starting point too and is much less expensive 🙂
      Biscotti coming right up! I’ve had several people want this recipe…I’ll have to move it up the chain 🙂
      And oh my goodness…dipping them in gooey almond/hazelnut butter – ahhhh!!! YES PLEASE!!!

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