Celery Root Fries

We made it to the weekend!

What goes along with burgers? Fries of course! I made a batch of my Kitchen Sink Veggie Burgers last night and tried out a new veggie — celery root or celeriac…and in the form of fries 🙂

These were a healthy substitute for the fried potato version though they will not satisfy your craving for the original if that’s what you are after. I thought I should throw that out there in case you are looking for the real deal…

Baked veggie fries are a yummy stand-in when you want a lighter side dish. If you are looking for a healthy snack or simply a recipe to branch out and be adventurous, this may be a good start 🙂

Celery root has a mild celery taste that is slightly detectable in this recipe. These fries are best served right from the oven to maintain their slight crispiness…with or without ketchup or mustard, I suggest you give them a go!

I followed Kelly’s easy recipe for these fries at The Spunky Coconut, hope on over to her post for the recipe!

I will be purchasing another celery root again for additional experimentation…I hear pureeing this veggie in soup is scrumptious or even making a hash with veggies for a side or main dish. The wheels are turning…


5 thoughts on “Celery Root Fries

  1. I’ve used celery root in soup before. I don’t eat soup so I don’t know how it was but the others liked it! This looks adventurous. So these don’t taste like the real French fries, but do they taste like vegetables? It’s a very important question. A slight celery taste doesn’t sound too bad. 🙂

  2. I added some to a bunch of my soups this winter! It was really tasty. It’s also good in pancakes, like a cauliflower or potato pancake.

  3. I’ve never tried celery root, but if I did have one around, I would definitely want to make these fries with it! I like how a vegetable that’s pretty ugly on the outside turned into such cool looking fries!

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