Make-It-Your-Own Chocolate Bark

September 15, 2011 at 1:46 pm 19 comments

We’ve had a couple of cool and dreary days here in Denver – I am loving the cooler weather but the lack of sun leaves me wanting a little pick-me-up. What’s better than chocolate, especially the homemade kind that is quick and you can add your favorite ingredients?

I’ve made this recipe (or a variation of) so many times, it’s easy, quick, adaptable and keeps in the fridge or freezer when a sweet tooth hits 🙂 The base is coconut oil, cocoa/cacao/carob powder, nut or seed butter and uses dried fruit as a natural sweetener. I have listed a few variations below but you could try a nut-free, white chocolate-ish version with a few substitutions.

My step mother-in-law coined this recipe “Nora Bark”, and I think it’s pretty fitting since it’s most of my favorite ingredients in one small bite. The version in the photos is a basic variation because I didn’t want to scare people off with my continuous use of chia seeds and flax!

Make-It-Your-Own-Chocolate Bark


4-6 dates OR 4 prunes + 2 Tbsp raisins OR 1/4 cup raisins OR 3 dates and 2 Tbsp raisins
1/4 cup cocoa powder/cacao powder/carob powder (add 2-4 Tbsp for a darker chocolate – yum!)
3-4 Tbsp raw or roasted nut or seed butter* (you could use coconut butter for a different flavor)
1/2 cup coconut oil (refined for no coconut flavor, unrefined for hint of coconut)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
Drops of stevia or small amount of honey/agave to taste, optional depending on how sweet you like it
Sprinkle of salt, optional (brings out chocolate/carob flavor)

Optional add-ins
chopped or sliced nuts (almonds are pictured but peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc would all be good)
cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips/chunks or carob chips
shredded coconut (unsweetened or sweetened)
dried fruit (goji berries, cranberries, candied orange peel, mango, pineapple, cherry, banana chips etc)
lemon/lime/orange zest
chia seed
candied ginger
spices (cinnamon, ginger)
cayenne or chili pepper (for a Mayan chocolate experience!)
maca or lucuma powder
crisp rice cereal or granola
chopped bacon (for the chocolate and bacon dessert craze going around!)
toffee bits or mini marshmallows
smoked or flavored sea salts
flavored oils (peppermint, almond etc)


1. In a small bowl, add dates/prunes/raisins and cover with boiling water until soft. Drain and set aside.
2. Meawhile, melt coconut oil. (I set the glass jar of coconut oil in a bowl and fill the bowl with hot or boiling water and let it melt that way).
3. Add softened dates/raisins, liquified coconut oil, nut/seed butter, cocoa/cacao/carob powder, vanilla and a dash of sea salt to the bowl of a food processor and blend until well incorporated (about 1 minute).
4. Add mix-ins (see above for ideas) if desired, stir and pour into a parchment lined medium loaf pan or into small mini muffin liners or sample paper cups (as show in my photos). Freeze or refrigerate until hardened and enjoy!

*Recipe Notes: Cashew butter and almond butter are more mild flavors and pair well with tropical add-ins and zests while peanut butter and sunflower seed butter or tahini are more distinctive.
Coconut butter could be used instead of nut butter but it needs to be warmed over low heat slightly to be well incorporated. Also, I haven’t tried this but had a thought to add 1/2 of a ripe mashed banana as a substitute for the dates/prunes/raisins but it would take on a banana flavor.

Flavor and Variation Ideas

Dark Chocolate Goji – use cashew or almond butter, add in goji berries, cacao nibs and sprinkle the top with a bit of coarser grain sea salt

Peanut Butter Bliss – use dates, peanut butter for nut butter, add in chopped roasted peanuts

Superfood Chocolate – use raw almond butter, add in 1 tsp ground flax, 1 tsp chia seed, raw cacao powder, a pinch of maca powder and fruit sweetened cranberries or cherries

Tropical Coconut- Macademia – use cashew butter and dates and add shredded coconut and chopped macademia nuts

What flavor would you make?

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19 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jessy (squeezetheday)  |  September 15, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Oh, I love this! I’ve been wanting to make my own chocolate for such a long time. Can’t wait to try this! 😀

  • 2. Jessy (squeezetheday)  |  September 15, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    PS, how much honey did you use & how many does this recipe make?

    • 3. naturalnoshing  |  September 16, 2011 at 8:46 am

      Thanks Jessy! Depending on how dark you want the chocolate, if you add sweeter add-ins or not and how sweet you prefer it will determine how much honey to use – start with 1 tsp and taste, then add gradually til you reach you preferred sweetness 🙂 i dont use much bc i dont like it too sweet bit its completely up to you! it makes a medium loaf pan ab 1/2 in thick (cut in small squares) or about 15-25 mini cups but the add-ins bulk it up a bit when I make them! Hope that helps!

  • 4. Sonia The Healthy Foodie  |  September 18, 2011 at 7:23 am

    You mean I could make my own chocolate??!?! Oh my! This is evil! But it looks sooooo good! And to think I just bought a big jar of coconut oil. Uh oh…

    I think I better go mow that lawn now!

    Wait, must take one more look… just one more look…

    ARGH, that’s it! I’m badly craving this VERY chocolate now! Oh, Nora, look what you did to me! ;o)

    • 5. naturalnoshing  |  September 19, 2011 at 10:30 am

      hahaha I literally laughed out loud at your comment Sonia! Yep, it’s easy to make your own chocolate (or carob) bar/bark! Dangerous in excess but easy AND healthier than store bought since you can control the amount of sweetness in it, does that help at all?!? 🙂

  • 6. Buffy the SMIL (StepMother In Law)  |  September 23, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    I’m a “dark” chocolate person (as opposed to “milk”) so I use Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder. I love this stuff! It has a true dark chocolate taste. I usually have a batch made and sitting in the frig ready to go (I cut it into 1″ squares and keep in a ziploc). That way if I need something sweet, all I have to do is grab one. And even if I’m not craving sweets that day, I have at least one so I get my daily allowance of coconut oil.

    • 7. naturalnoshing  |  September 23, 2011 at 12:53 pm

      The batch we made in Denver with the dark was SO good! It didn’t last long at all though : ) That’s right, it’s a great way to get your daily dose of coconut oil too (not to mention that it’s yummy)!

  • 8. My Fudo  |  September 23, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    That looks gooey to me. I bet that bark tastes good with a fine twists of bitterness. Oh I love it.

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  • 10. Alyssa  |  November 11, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Exactly what I was looking for, a delicious way to eat more coconut oil only using dried fruit to sweeten! Thank you! I think I’ll try a combo of prunes, apricots, and maybe some dried banana, with almond butter. I’d love to try goji berries, if I can find them anywhere!

    • 11. naturalnoshing  |  November 11, 2011 at 5:54 pm

      I like how I can justify eating chocolate everyday when coconut oil is involved! 🙂 I’d love to hear how your version turns out Alyssa! Apricots, almond butter and dried banana sounds delish to me!

      • 12. Alyssa  |  November 18, 2011 at 3:20 pm

        I didn’t have dried banana on hand, but I did add the apricots as well as some orange extract. I used more almond butter too, so it had kind of a fudgy texture. It was pretty yummy, I must say!! I’ll love it even more once I can use the full amount of cocoa powder.. I love chocolate but it doesn’t always love me 😦

      • 13. naturalnoshing  |  November 19, 2011 at 9:42 am

        Sorry to hear that chocolate doesn’t always love you – it’s hard when something you love doesn’t agree with you! I can totally sympathize! 😦 I can see how increasing the amount of nut butter would create fudgy texture – I will have to give that a try – thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to try apricots, maybe with dried cranberries and chopped almonds!

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